Rebecca Payne · 29 June 2017


I finally found Debbie after 9 1/2 years of suffering with SPD/PGP to find answers for my pain and things to help. After the first realignment session (which I must admit scared me not knowing what to expect) my hips were level. I immediately felt less pain. She then got to work on releasing 9 years of compensating muscles. This work is still ongoing but I can really feel a difference. Not only that I presented her with a 5.5c, gap in my stomach muscles,which after 3 weeks of her 'magic' exercise reduced by 1.5cm... yay!!! Debbie us incredibly knowledgeable and super friendly. I highly recommend that you see her. I still have work to do, but after my consultation I left saying to my husband " she understands what I'm going through, and I think she can fix me". I wasn't wrong.