Incontinence Feedback


Jen Manton · 19 November 2017

Deborah is absolutely fantastic. The treatment she has given me has been absolutely life changing- I've gone from having significant urge incontinence (going to loo at least every 45 minutes, several large leaks a day and being able to do any physical activity with out leaking). Deborah has worked miracles. I was really embarrassed and nervous, I'd had 6 months NHS physio so thought there was nothing that could be done for my issues. Deborah was sympathetic, kind, honest and encouraging. She really put me at ease with what is a very intimate examination. She really knows her stuff, explained why I had my symptoms, how I'd not been accurately diagnosed by the NHS and put an action plan together. Together we worked on stretching out my pelvic floor before we then worked on strengthening together. Over 5 months the change has been huge, I'm almost back to pre-pregnancy strength and my self-esteem and confidence have improved so much. I don't worry about where the nearest loo us, and I've even been on bouncy castle! No tens lady for me. Cannot recommend her enough.

Many thanks for the excellent pelvic floor physiotherapy for *********. I am delighted to say that from having really quite severe incontinence she is completely dry. This has obviously negated the need for any further intervention in a lady with many co-morbidities. This is just to pass on my thanks.


Hazel Warbuton (Consultant Urological surgeon)


Patient Testimonial- Prolapse


Becky Packer (Author) Nov 2017 I have lived with a prolapse since the birth of my fourth child, some 27yrs ago. It had gradually deteriorated and, facing invasive surgery, I was referred to Deborah Schofield to see if anything could be done to improve the prolapse by looking at my pelvic floor muscles and bladder habits. 
I will be honest, I had not expected this to help much. How wrong could I be! Deborah was such a professional and so analytical, caring and helpful. Thanks to a whole rethink on how I engage my pelvic and bladder muscles, I feel much more confident about controlling the prolapse without surgery. I would thoroughly recommend going for this physiotherapy service to both young and old. It was an education and I am very grateful for Deborah’s help.



If I had received the sensitive and professional input from the wonderful physiotherapist Deborah Schofield, prior to my operation, I’m not certain that my operation would necessarily have been needed at this time. The professionalism and care shown by Deborah has indeed moved me to take a greater care of myself with the exercise programme enabling me to try and sustain a greater degree of long-term success from my operation. She is caring, sensitive and professional in the extreme and I for one, am a very grateful patient to have been treated by such a happy team.